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The Solzy Awards for 2019…So Far
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Final Frames: The Fourth Annual Final Frame Horror Short Film Competition
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“…my personal favorite. It used lovely, simple imagery and the tropes of haunting and visual transformation to tell a tale of teenage disillusionment.”

“The Rat told its story with a lovely eloquence”

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Sundance 2019: The Shorts Program
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“…there’s something that’s different about May-Mann’s second short film.  Even though the film runs some 12 minutes, she is able to bring something new to the genre.”

Sundance ’19 Interview: Carlen May-Mann on Exposing the Trap with “The Rat”
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“May-Mann has fun toying with the expectations of an audience in terms of genre in “The Rat,” turning the notion of a haunted house into what women live with every day in their interactions with potentially predatory men, but she shows a laser-like focus in articulating the way in which Renee and Jim have very different expectations of the evening…”

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“Too many short filmmakers stumble while trying to find a satisfying conclusion for their brief films, but writer-director Carlen May-Mann’s decision how to end her 12-minute film is masterful. In fact, May-Mann makes top-notch directorial choices throughout “The Rat” as she tells the story of a young couple’s experience in a haunted house and the aftermath.”

Sundance 2019: Carlen May-Mann talks The Rat
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A Face in the Crowd: Carlen May-Mann Slyly Finds a New Way Into the Horror Genre with “The Rat”
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“…an absurdist and colorful trip.”

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